Location & Conditions


Mui Ne beach stretches over 10km and with the reputation of having the best and most reliable winds in the region has since become one of South East Asia’s top kite surfing destinations.

High Season

November to April

Waves, chop, beach break, 18 knot average winds, usually gusty.

Smaller Kites up to 12 m.

Small kites are popular, with 5, 7 and 9 m kites out daily and 11 or 12 m kites being the average. However, bring a big kite if you are a heavy rider. Winds during this period are on-shore northeasterly and range from 12 to 30+ knots each day.

High season can be a busy time with many beginners and school lessons on the bay. For the experienced rider there is still plenty of coastline to discover as well as those “secret spots”. Down winders (12 km) to Phan Thiet are a must for advanced riders looking for adventure. 80-90% chance of wind for the average week.

Low Season

May to October

Storm fronts, cleaner waves, less chop, thermals, 12 knot average winds. A great time for learning with 2 to 4 hrs of wind per day.

Bigger Kites 9-15 m.

Low season in Mui Ne can be a magical time without the big crowds, and the area returns to its quiet fishing village roots. There is a combination of super-hot days and tropical afternoon storms. Winds can be variable during this period with light thermals of 8 -12 knots, all the way to 20 knot storm fronts with occasional howlers. The prevailing wind direction during the period between June and October is southwesterly.

9 – 16 h

24 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street
Mui Ne, Binh Thuan Province,